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Sfakiotes Residency application is OPEN throughout the year.

Please send your application directly via Application page.


Email us your request of cancellation times around the year to info (at) sfakiotes-residency.net. 

Please follow our Facebook page for more information. To apply during the call for applications, please visit the Application page to check the next application time.


Sfakiotes Residency in the mountains of Lefkada island, Ionian Islands, Greece, is an artist residency for artists from all fields of practice of the arts, such as visual arts, music, new forms of art, film & audiovisual production as well as for art researchers, curators & producers. The programme`s mission is to encourage multi-disciplinary artistic creation and art-related scientific work.

Researchers from the field of the arts and art management, researchers working on a research related to the arts or curatorship (such as P.h.d. or a Master´s) or researchers having a collaboration with an artist that relates to the suggested work plan, are also welcome to apply to the residency.

The Residency House in July 2012

The Residency House in July 2012

The residency house is always rented furnished & as a whole. Rent covers full housing equipment, electricity, heating, water and well-functioning, moderately fast WiFi internet. The open, 2-storey 90m2 space is best suitable for small-scale artistic practice or computer-based work such as research. There are two floors: upstairs with an open space of 45m2, a kitchenette, a balcony and an exit and a downstairs with an alcove, toilet/bathroom and an exit to the garden. Housing is provided for maximum of 4 people at a time. One applicant, a group or a family can apply for a 2-week to 2-month residency period. A typical period granted is 3 weeks. Application time is open for the next calendar year (December 2017 – March 2019). Longer residency periods (minimum 4 weeks) are preferred, but you can apply for a shorter or a longer period based on the work plan. Note that especially  for the summer months, 2-3 times more applications are received annually than otherwise. Your chances thus of getting a residency enhance significantly if  you choose to apply for a residency outside of these months. We can also suggest you another time.

There is no travel or working grant related to the residency. The residency programme does not assist its guests in obtaining a Visa, but can write a formal letter of invitation on the chosen guest`s request.

The residency is located in a traditional old country house in the Sfakiotes mountains, in the village of Asprogerakata. The village has 120 inhabitants. The building and its 50m2 garden was renovated fully and turned into an artist residency in 2010. The Programme started to run in January 2011. Since its inauguration, the programme has been very popular due to its artist-friendly approach. The usage percent of the house is as high as 95 including short maintenance periods of a couple of weeks once to twice a year. SRP hosts 10-16 artists and researchers with families annually from all over the world. Winter rains can make living conditions very basic during off-season. The house is always  provided with warm water and heating by air-conditioning in both floors, and an additional heater and sleeping bags should the temperature drop during harsh winter. Situated 430 meters above the sea level, on a mountain slope, the residency can be difficult to reach for the disabled. It has a narrow parking lot for a small car.

Sfakiotes Residency is 100% artist-run, initiated and administered from Finland. All guests are expected to participate in cleaning and participating in taking care of the property, garden and were plants during their stay and being actively in contact with the residency`s maintenance group.

Sfakiotes Residency is a member of Res Artis  – Worldwide Network of Artist Residencies since May, 2012.