Rent rates for 1.1.-31.12.2017:

900€/ 1 month

(300€/ week)

The rent rate is per whole house, max. 4-5 people.



Preferred stay: 1-2 months. Shorter periods are possible, but minimum 1 month applications are prioritized.


The rent rate is for the whole house, for 1-4 people at the time. The preferred duration for applications is 1-2 months, but also shorter times are possible. Please see the residency FAQ and Information for guests section on our homepage prior to applying. Guests are allowed to apply together as a group, bring friends and colleagues to visit after applying or the rent can be shared otherwise according to a suggestion by the guest. The house is one studio space in 2 floors and best suitable for people who know each other in advance.  All guests will be informed about the general conditions & rules of the house after being approved to the programme. Guests who are accepted, sign a written renting contract and pay a cancellation deposit of 100 euros that will be returned after the stay.

Please note

We are artist friendly. To this residency families, children and spouses are warmly welcome!



Description of the residency. The house is an old, fully renovated stone house (90m2). It consists of 2 floors, a small 0.5 hectare gravel garden terrace & a balcony of 5m2 facing North-East. There is a shared 1 toilet & shower downstairs and open-plan, shared kitchen upstairs.

When applying with colleagues, note that the house is one open space with one stone staircase separating 2 floors and no doors. 1 bedroom-alcove with garden downstairs and a shared bathroom in the upper floor, a small working unit, a sofa bed and a well equipped kitchen upstairs. Both floors have their own entrances.

The guests pay a deposit for the house keys of 100€ before travelling and always sign a renting contract. Cancellation before 6 months prior to travel is cost-free. Own travel insurance is strongly recommended. The programme does not provide  individual travel grants. Please see more information at the Residency Info section and FAQ.


Special conditions

Keys. Prior to signing the renting contract an exchange of keys by post will take place AFTER paying of the deposit. The deposit will be paid back only if the keys are returned to Finland and the house well kept and cleaned.

People with disabilities. The house has ramps for push chairs outside (access to each floor separately), and a narrow parking for a small car (size: Opel Corsa) but the island is steep and the house is situated on a mountain slope. Inside the house there are no ramps or an elevator. The village is 400m above sea level. This programme is not recommended to people with disabilities.

Administration. SRP is 100 % artist-run, initiated & administered from Finland. Hence cooperation between the management and the guests is important. We always want to provide the best possible residency experience for all of our guests all around the year in this very genuine part of Greece. Yet living in the mountains of a small island can be a very unique experience. The nature of the surrounding island comes very near, the internet can be cut for short times during storms and electricity breaks every now and then are common in the Greek mountains. However, the applicant´s cooperation and an active approach to the residency`s maintaining and reporting possible emergencies & communicating with the staff during, before and after the stay,  is a must.

Dogs and cats are unfortunately not allowed. This is due to pets on the residency`s own premises. There are feral cats residing in the yard that have traditionally been fed and taken care of by our guests during their stay. The pets receive medication, food and water regularly but do not come inside the house. People with allergies must consider this before applying.


See residency FAQ for more information, or contact us at

Thank you for applying to Sfakiotes!



> Download the application form:  RTF|

Deadline & Attachments

APPLICATION DEADLINE is 15.10.2015 23:59 GMT+2. If you have trouble sending the online form, please download here and send by email to:

Remember to attach a CV.

Other attachments: Do not send PDFs, but links to work samples in the internet are recommended but not compulsory as part of the application text.

The programme will be announced on the SRP homepage during October. The accepted applicants will receive a personal confirmation email.








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