The Renovation is Completed!

The renovation of the residency building is now completed. The last glass frames of the new windows were placed on Wednesday the 17th December, 2010, after a couple of warm, +17ÂșC weeks but some rain that slowed down the work.

The renovation started in October, consisting of a complete re-building of the house, and it included plumbing, electricity, heating, floor, wall, kitchen, bathroom, terrace, and garden renovations. In addition, the house got a small parking lot and and paved garden terrace. The balcony received a wooden, waterproof construction, local iron aisles (used also for the staircase that had to be completely rebuilt), and a small door covers against winter season rains.

The renovation was conducted in respect of the old and imitating the original aesthetics of the house, and keeping some of the old wooden material as a base for construction. The kitchen was replaced entirely as it had been completely destroyed during the 30 years it had been abandoned. Restored material include: wine barrels in the garden (they were assumingly last used before the big earthquake of the Ionian islands in 1953), a lucky horseshoe, a rusty walking stick, a knife, and an old lock used in the garden door. All of the original hardwood structures of the house were also maintained, but floors had been collapsed so they had to be replaced. The ceiling had been reconstructed in the 80s. All the materials, such as the natural tiling of the rare studio and the garden, iron and the wooden hardwood floor were local materials, as all the workers also were local professionals.

During the renovation process, the house was also connected to phone lines and got an internet connection.

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