Residency Receives Its First Guest

Sfakiotes Residency is proud to announce that the residency started functioning yesterday, as the first guest arrived at the house! Now equipped with a washing machine and internet connection through phone lines, the house is still waiting for a modem. Luckily, Lefkada town, only a 15-20 minute bus ride away, has plenty of internet caf├ęs that are open around the year. Coffee is cheap and strong, and the places are popular meeting points for young people to catch up. In Christmas Eve for example they were full.

So, Sfakiotes Residency thanks all its first guests for great courage and patience, as the house will be completely in function during the following days and weeks to come. Some small renovation work will go on in January. The mountain side wall will receive more concrete plaster on its outside and the street better drainage, and the balcony, windows and floors will get some paint for protection. All the work will be conducted with a minimal disturbance for the guests, and are scheduled to last 2-3 days altogether. All it takes is 2-3 sunny (completely non-rainy) days.

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