Summer Maintenance

During the second week of July we renovated some last details at the residency. The doors and balcony, windows and window shutters got a white, thick lacqueur. The doors received more insulation for the winter, and the garden door a special sweep to stop insects from entering the house. We polished and cleaned some of the wood upstairs and insulated the entrance better and lacquered it. Ants had made a highway during the spring in the kitchen so we had to add plaster between the shelves and tiling. The garden looked like a jungle after 6 months, and we carefully removed all the extra plants. It took us one week, a lot of thorns, three gloves and two scissors.

While we were working, four little eyes were steadily fixed on us, born in May in the abandoned house next door. We christened them Pink and Turtle, and their mom Minos, and gave them food and water 2 times a day on the terrace. The life of the cats-in-residence is hard: only 0-1 kittens out of a feral cat litter survive in these circumstances in the heat and dangers of the mountains.

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