Autumn at the Residency

The autumn has started really well. Except for a 2-day internet break in September due to problems at the local Greek telephone company Ote, everything has gone very smoothly. This is thanks to the wonderful local contact on the island, Mr. Vasilios. The same man rebuilt the house for residency use exactly a year ago.


This little creature, Pink, you may well recognize from the previous post. Now five months old, he suffered a severe eye infection in August. Pink was treated with antibiotics and eye drops with the help of wonderful guests at the residency. A pet doctor, Kitinatreio, was consulted in August in Lefkada town, and as the infection didn`t dissappear on its own, again in October. Thanks to the persistent guests he is now starting to recover. It still remains to be seen whether or not he will be able to keep his vision in the right eye. Pink has become a true mascot of the residency, entertaining already the fifth set of guests since summer 2011. Pink was born to a litter of four by a feral cat in the abandoned building next to the residency in May.


The Programme for 2012 hosts 15 artists, researchers, film makers, musicians and curators. I am happy to see that the next year also film people, writers as well as curators have found the residency. However, next year`s programme is not as international as the first year`s. This was simply because the vast majority of applications came from Finland for 2012. Inaddition, the residency programme received 50% more applications than 2011 due to a positive press coverage in January 2011 in Helsingin Sanomat, the main daily newspaper in Finland.


Thank you all guests who have kindly given feedback and sent pictures of their stay! Your comments and experiences help me to formulate and improve the stay for future guests.


If you still haven`t sent photos, please do so at The pictures will we used solely for non-profit purposes such as informing about the residency programme, and will always be credited with the name of the author.



photo:  Pink, the official residency pet, by Nina Lassila

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