The level of the applications was high & international this year. SRP made a personal record by granting a total of 17 residencies for the year 2013. The applications were from all areas of the arts: from visual arts & multi-media, painting & sculpture, sound & production design, screenplay writing & theatre to design,  film production, producing and curating. This year, in addition to the theme Freedom, pioneering in various fields of the arts was given a special attention.

SRP does NOT explain nor justify the result, but encourages you warmly to apply again, should you not have been chosen this time.

The chosen applicants will be informed via email with an official confirmation letter within a week from the programme being published. The places on reserve  are in case of cancellations and will be filled in the order below. Cancellations take place on average 1-3 each year.

Information for accepted applicants living abroad

SRP will contact you in person for the details of planning the practicalities of your residency. All residents must meet via skype or a personal meeting with the residency team & sign a written renting contract prior to the journey. In addition, a deposit will be taken for the key.  The residents will get the deposit back after the residency when the keys have been succesfully returned. Please note that there is no cleaning in this artist-run residency. Everyone takes care of the house for future guests.

Cancellation policy: Residency time must be cancelled 30 days prior to departure. After 30 days the cancellation fee is 50% of due rent.

Sfakiotes Residency Programme






Tuuli Penttinen-Lampisuo & Marko Lampisuo (FIN)

January 1.-31., 1 month



Tero Rajala (FIN)

February 1. – 22, 2013 3 weeks



Kimmo Räntilä & Kaija Katajisto (FIN)

February 23.-March 8, 2 weeks



Wonderlust: Reetta Sironen & Johanna Ketola (FIN)

 March 9.-23., 2 weeks



Anna Nyberg (SWE)

March 25 – April 7.,  2013, 2 weeks 



Merja Kokkonen (ISLAJA) (FIN/GER) & Christiaan Virant (CHINA)

April 8.-22., 2 weeks 



Viivi Nieminen & Anna Autio (FIN)

April 23.-30., 1 week 



Sanna Kivijärvi (FIN)

May 1.-26., 3.5 weeks



Marita Liulia (FIN)

May 27.5.-June 17., 3 weeks



Vesa-Pekka Rannikko & Päivi Takala (FIN)

June 17- 30., 2 weeks



(July – closed)



FALL 2013


Tomas Järvinen (FIN)

August 1-14., 2 weeks



Christine Lang (GER)

August 15.-September 5., 2013, 3 weeks



Ella Tahkolahti & Arttu Kurttila (FIN)

September 6.-October 5., 4 weeks



Minna Suoniemi (FIN)

October 7. – 13, 1 week



Group Liisa Jokinen, Suvi Saloniemi, Simo Vassinen (FIN)

14.10.-27.10., 2 weeks



Kristiina Uusitalo (FIN)

28.10.-10.11.2013, 2 weeks



Timo Kaukolampi (FIN/GER)

November 11.-30., 3 weeks



Anu Miettinen (FIN)

December 1.-19., 2013, 2,5 weeks



(Xmas & New Year – closed)



On reserve

1. Anu Luhtanen, Venla Martikainen, Mirkka Eskonen (FIN)

2. Anni Hanén (FIN)

3. Jonna Strandberg (FIN)

4. Micaela de Vivero (US)

5. Snack Sono (JAP)





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