We should like to remind you that the annual application period for Sfakiotes Residency Programme for the following year starts 1.9. and ends 31.9. Applications will be received online until the last date, 31.9. 23:59 GMT+2. Applications received outside the application time will not be considered. The chosen guests will receive an email confirmation of the residency granted followed by practical information in the beginning of October.


To help you apply – here are some general FAQ`s and instructions. These have been asked us a lot, all the time, so please read them through before applying. We wanted also to give you a sample of the criteria that we follow while choosing our guests, to enhance your chances to be chosen, already before the formal application period starts.

Please use the application online at http://sfakiotes-residency.net/application. If you cannot use it, email us the information. Remember to attach a CV and a short, concrete description what you would do in your residency period and how it relates to your work and possibly to Greece or the island of Lefkada.


The following criteria will be assessed when for choosing artists, curators, producers and scientists to this artist-run residency:

* Suitability of the resident to the programme, i.e to an artist-run residency in the mountains of Greece

*  Previous record of work & curriculum vitae

* Level of artistic / scientific / curatorial / production work

* Project description

* Time of stay

* Duration of stay



Preferred time of the stay. We would like to remind you that this residency programme is very popular. We receive circa four times more applications than there are time given annually. During the high season from June to August, there are 5-6 times more applications. Your chances of getting a time enhance significantly if you apply for a residency outside the holiday period.  Sfakiotes is the perfect place for a small holiday within an intense working period – but also ideal for a concentrated period of working outside summer months for  your own project. Therefore, please ALWAYS state at least 2-3 possible residency periods suitable for you.

Number of guests. The residency houses max. 5 guests at a time, yet with 2 floors and one bathroom to is ideal for circa 2-3 people. After you have submitted the application, guests can be added when approved my the Programme Manager. So be in contact with the residency programme directly by email after you have been accepted to the programme, if you wish to add guests during your stay.

Duration of stay. You can apply for a period of minimum 1 month and maximum 2 months. Shorter periods are possible but can diminish your chances of getting the time you have applied, as longer ones are prioritized by the application committee. Times are given according to the calendar year and per 30 days.

Applying for longer than 2 month stays: You can apply for a longer period with a special project. Please be in contact with the residency staff in the beginning of the application period or as soon as you would like to apply for a longer period at Sfakiotes, we welcome you to contact us!


Change of time & cancellation. All guests sign a written renting contract. The residency times are given only once in the fall for the entire calendar year. After signing the written renting contract, further changes are not possible. You can nevertheless always add people to your residency to share the time or /  the cost without major changes in agenda. Just let us know.

In force majeure situations we consider the cases one by one. In general, ater signing the contract there are 6 months prior to your journey to cancel the given time without cost. After 6 months a rent of 50% is taken. Less than 1 month prior to the journey 100% rent is taken despite cancellation. So PLEASE plan your year ahead BEFORE applying and be prepared to make plans to accept the residency if granted!

The accepted guests pay a cancellation deposit of 100 euros that will be returned after the residency has taken place. Keys must be returned as planned and the residency returned cleaned.


“Can I take pets?” As the property has cats to feed on the yard as part of the deal and a house to take care of during your stay, taking other animals simply does not work, unfortunately. The management team also needs to get a qualified babysitter for the maintenance periods to their own pets in this home country, if it helps any. Every time.

“I have fallen ill right before the journey. Can I cancel cost-free?” These cases will be handled one by one. In general, however, we cannot unfortunately guarantee  that you will get your rent back on such a short notice. We recommend therefore that you take a traveller`s insurance and check the conditions in advance. Some credit cards  provide an insurance for 45 days of travelling, so always book your trip with a credit card. This applies to all DIY trips.

“Do you provide visas to Europe? Or travel grants?” Sorry, the answer is no to both questions. This is a 100% artist-run residency house. We are not visa officers or a foundation supporting the arts, even though we would love to be. These you must apply elsewhere.

“The political situation in Greece…?” is stable at the moment, and it is highly unlikely  anything will change the mountains` way of life, that has persevered for thousands of years as it is. On the contrary, general strikes and temporary electricity outages are quite common in the countryside. Please follow the local news, such as eKathimerini and Lefkada news, and keep up with social media. We inform about all major incidents via email, but general strikes can go unnoticed. Be proactive and always ask the friendly Lefkadian people, should you be concerned about something.

“Are there earthquakes?” Yes, sometimes. Lefkada is situated only 7 km east of the tectonic place in the Ionian sea that moves Europe, Asia and Africa. Whole Greece is earthquake area. A strong quake took place in Lefkada in 2003, but there were no casualties. In 2014 a major earthquake took place in the neighboring island of Kefallonia, 1 h south of Lefkada, causing some damage. In November 2015, a strong earthquake of 6.5 Magnitudes and several aftershocks hit the island, damaging some houses and infrastructure in the West and South-Western parts of the island, taking 2 lives. Sfakiotes Residence stayed intact. The property went through an official inspection by the municipality of Lefkada on 1.Dec 2015 and received the highest grade for safety both inside and outside.  During the rebuilt in 2010, the residence`s walls were fortified sixfold and it has an earthquake proof structure especially designed for the danger of quakes. According to seismographs, further large quakes are not expected within the next decade. At the house, we always have instructions for your safety in case one should happen.

Thank you for reading the instructions through. SRP hopes you enjoy the centuries-old island`s original, real, Greek villages not much touched by tourism where you will be spending one of your most memorable residencies. You can always contact us via email at info (at) sfakiotes-residency.net for further information.

Happy applying!

Your Sfakiotes Team

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