1.-18.1. ANTTI SEPPÄNEN (FIN) 2 weeks


19.1. – 1.3. BORIS SCHAARSCHMID (US) 6 weeks


9.-29.3. KATARIINA NUMMINEN (FIN) 3 weeks


30.3.-12.4. PETRA LINDHOLM (SWE) 2 weeks



1.-31.5. HANNA PAJALA-ASSEFA (FIN), 4 weeks


17.-30.6. KiRA SJÖBERG (FIN) 2 weeks


1.-30.7. HEIDI LEHMUSKUMPU (FIN) 4 weeks




15.8.-4.9. ANNA NISKANEN (FIN) 3 weeks


5.9.-18.9. SOFIA OKKONEN (FIN) 2,5 weeks


21.9.- 1.11. TIINA SYRJÄ (FIN) 6 weeks


2.-29.11. MARK ROBERTS (GB/ FIN) 4 weeks


30.11.-13.12. SAMI PENNANEN & MARJA VIERROS (FIN) 2 weeks


16.-31.12. TONEY DIMOS (US) 2 weeks


Copyright Sfakiotes Residency Programme 2014. All rights reserved.

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The application period for 2015 starts 1. September and ends 15. October 2014 23:59PM GMT+2.


Please follow the instructions given on the application page 

Send your application online. Carefully read the description and requirements of the residency programme at “Residency Info” and rent rates before sending your application. This residency does not cover living / travel costs but the guests must apply for them themselves. We also do not provide for visas to Greece. Remember to attach a CV. If you are unable to use the online application form, please send your application to info (at) Please avoid sending large PDF files as attachments – instead use references to internet sites, articles, descriptions and text on your past and future projects.


All the applications sent during the application period are considered. The residency programme does NOT send affirmative emails on received applications.


Good luck!

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Programme 2014


The Programme for the year 2014 has been published.

Thank you for all applications!

Check out cancellation times at the residency facebook page or ask for changes in the agenda and suggest collaborations to SRP throughout the year at info (at) SRP Programme 2014




Programme 2014





Linda Linko

3. – 31.1.2014 1 month




Pekka Tynkkynen (group)

1.2.- 2.3. 1 month




Venla Martikainen & Anu Luhtanen (group)

3.-31.3. 1 month




Lucie Eidenbenz

1.-14.4. 2 weeks



Vivian Wolovitz

15.-30.4. 2 weeks




Zainab Haidariy

1.-30.5. 1 month




Marika Orenius

31.5.-14.6. 2 weeks



Daniel Gwirtzman

15.-22.6. 1 week 





Eileen Tull

4.-17.8. 2 weeks




Maria Björklund

18.-31.8. 2 weeks




Milen Panayotov

1.-7.9. 1 week




Sera Valtonen (group)

8.-28.9. 3 weeks




Charli Brissey

29.9.-19.10. 3 weeks 



Reija Palo-Oja

20.10.-9.11. 3 weeks




Aurora Reinhard

24.11.-21.12. 1 month



©sfakiotes residency programme 2013

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The application period for the year 2014 is 1.-30.9.


The period ends 30.9. 23:59GMT. Follow the information at the INFO section and fill in the online APPLICATION on this homepage. Remember to attach a CV.


The accepted residents will be informed by email and the Programme 2014 published on this site on 7.10.


Before applying, please read through carefully the info and special conditions in the application section.


Check for available times & cancellations at our facebook page throughout the year:



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Summer maintenance in the heat


The unbearable lightness of summer maintenance

Summer maintenance at the residency is completed once again. This year the end of July was steaming hot, and we always imagine doing so much more than we actually are able to accomplish in a relatively short time. The deadline for the first autumn guests arriving at the house comes always too early. This said, I think we were able to finish quite a lot for the benefit of our fall & future guests this third summer of the residency programme. Still, so much was left for the next time. But first, I would like to thank our thoughtful guests for your feedback and compliments in the guest book & especially for all the nice presents that you have brought to SRP’s ever-growing library: your work copies in DVDs & CDs, magazines and publications, books and small artwork and objects. Wow, we are soon going to need a much bigger book shelve! And perhaps some kind of a permanent collection of the residency artists’ works in the future…

But back to the maintenance news from great future plans. The biggest changes are the changes in the garden and safety issues of residing in the rural mountains. A new iron fence with two gateways opening to the premises was cast with the help of the contractor and a local welder, surrounding the yard, the stone pavement and the parking lot, keeping various unwanted phenomena outside on the street, and guaranteeing that the neighbor’s dog no longer visits & steals the cat food from the yard. We also added some solar-powered LED lights to the garden lining the way to the house to make your way back in the evening a little easier without lights bulbs attracting a zillion cigadas around the doors. The yard and sides of the house were painted with chalk paint as usual to protect the walls from insects & weeds. The abandoned house next door was sealed with a lock and a wine barrel after a dead animal was found inside and the feral cats had to move. They now got a new, waterproof shelter for the coming winter rains, where they have an access to the church yard. The female cat, Minos, residing with her growing offspring on the residency premises since its beginning and bringing a lot of joy to the guests with her domestic life on display directly on our backyard, was splayed at a local vet two weeks ago. After the operation was successfully carried out, we released the mom and let her take care of her last kitten. They play on the yard daily.

Inside the residence, the second work desk was aqcuired to meet the needs and wishes of our residency guests. A new, solid glass and aluminium table was acquired to the balcony, and what was left of the 2-year-old iron rusty one, was refurbished, painted black & brought inside. The guests can now also enjoy a nap between work in a hammock facing the valley with a mountain view by the marble writing table & the Hemingway chair.

What else? The basin was sealed for the 7th time and a moisture shield was placed behind the tap to avoid the seal from cracking again and giving way to an army of ants. A wooden obstacle was secured with silicon in front of the upstairs door to stop water from entering under the doorstep during heavy winter rains from the mountains. Lets see how long it lasts. Other issues – the residence is now completely insect-free, thanks to our efforts of bettee insulating the doors and windows and attaching firmer sweeps under the doors, and our guests’ efforts of spraying the wooden columns inside the house with a mosquito repellent during two and a half years regularly. Above the bed we attached a mosquito net just in case, and a curtain blocking the garden door light at night. New towels, pillow cases, bed covers as well as various local china to the kitchen were acquired. The rusty dishwash stand was done away with and replaced with a new plastic one to better endure the heavy usage of the house. The toilet has a new brush, shower holder and a trash bin. Some curtains were added downstairs to mark the open alcoves, a second night table and a light. The blankets, bed covers and carpets were washed as usual, windows cleaned an some parts of the walls that were damaged due to heavy winter rains were repainted and crackings sealed on the surface of the plaster. The air-con devices & filters were removed & cleaned. It is quite amazing how quickly everything rusts and deteriorates in the Mediterranian climate without constant efforts against nature phenomena, seawind, humidity & the heat. So far so good.

That’s it folks! Already looking forward to (having a rest at my cool Finnish home office after these 5 weeks) the next autumn term. Let the guests arrive, we hope you enjoy your stay here and do a great work.

The maintenance team

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New Year`s update 2013


The Residency House in July 2012

The Residency House in July 2012




Check out & enjoy the residence`s latest winter greetings & pictures from our facebook page!


A short look into 2013

We are about to start already our third year of the programme. How time flies! No one could have thought, that – in the midst of the infernal renovation in 2010 – we would be a fully booked & functioning residency house as early as the first month of the programme in January 2011. Incredible! And – more incredibly – a fully booked and functioning residency programme ever since. So how did all this happen?

Xmas decoration in Lefkada, December 2012.

Xmas decoration in Lefkada, December 2012.


These two past years have been a truly incredible  -yet sometimes naturally a little demanding – an experience for the maintenance team. First, there was only an idea  on a holiday on a beautiful (or one should say stunning) Ionian island, that quickly materialized itself into a small, private residency programme, then a small international programme, and finally, a full member and residency programme at the Res Artis – A Worldwide Network of Artist residencies in May 2012.


Boats at Lefkada Marina, December 2012.

Boats at Lefkada Marina, December 2012.

Yet, against all odds,  we have stayed completely artist-run from the beginning, surpassed all the difficulties and made this work together. To work with all you wonderful guests, residents and applicants, has kept us going like a steam boat, it has been the core of why we decided to do this residency project, and against all the dark clouds that were perhaps painted in our minds as we started, everything has gone fairly well. Sincere thank you for that! You really make this Residency Programme work! Keep up your active and responsible attitude. You  simply rock! 

Next year we will focus on listening to even more of our guests` personal needs, and trying to fulfill their desires and hopes regarding the residency period, to guarantee you the best possible period free from your daily life, work and a little time away from your everyday scenery. This is highly important in sustaining the creative process, we believe. There is a time for productivity, a time for contemplation and a time for action  – all of these should be met in the mind of a creative professional, since not one of them works without the other.

View to the Sfakiotes mountains from the residence.

View to the Sfakiotes mountains from the residence.

That is why every private residency should be regarded as valuable & meaningful a period in the life and work of a creative professional as a residency organized by a large institution – whether the creative professional works in the field of the arts, science, curating or management.

According to the very generous and quite flattering feedback we have received via the Guest Book at the residence, the guests of all nationalities seem to have found the residence as well as working in the mountains surprisingly similar – highly productive and welcoming. Our vision of a tangible yet ambitious residency programme that always serves our guests first, drives us forward also in the future.


SRP team wishes you once more a Happy and a Creative New Year 2013! May it be full of dreams come true.


P.s. Possible cancellation times will primarily be published on our facebook page or via email, so please follow us also in social media.

The house

The residency house before renovation in July 2010.

The residency house after renovation in December 2010

The residency house after renovation in December 2010.








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Cancellation times reserved/ Feb & April

February period and  April period, that were both announced via our facebook page and email, have now been reserved. Thank you for your quick answers!


February 1.-22., 2013, 3 weeks

Tero Rajala


May 23.-30., 2013, 1 week

Viivi Nieminen & Anna Autio

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The level of the applications was high & international this year. SRP made a personal record by granting a total of 17 residencies for the year 2013. The applications were from all areas of the arts: from visual arts & multi-media, painting & sculpture, sound & production design, screenplay writing & theatre to design,  film production, producing and curating. This year, in addition to the theme Freedom, pioneering in various fields of the arts was given a special attention.

SRP does NOT explain nor justify the result, but encourages you warmly to apply again, should you not have been chosen this time.

The chosen applicants will be informed via email with an official confirmation letter within a week from the programme being published. The places on reserve  are in case of cancellations and will be filled in the order below. Cancellations take place on average 1-3 each year.

Information for accepted applicants living abroad

SRP will contact you in person for the details of planning the practicalities of your residency. All residents must meet via skype or a personal meeting with the residency team & sign a written renting contract prior to the journey. In addition, a deposit will be taken for the key.  The residents will get the deposit back after the residency when the keys have been succesfully returned. Please note that there is no cleaning in this artist-run residency. Everyone takes care of the house for future guests.

Cancellation policy: Residency time must be cancelled 30 days prior to departure. After 30 days the cancellation fee is 50% of due rent.

Sfakiotes Residency Programme






Tuuli Penttinen-Lampisuo & Marko Lampisuo (FIN)

January 1.-31., 1 month



Tero Rajala (FIN)

February 1. – 22, 2013 3 weeks



Kimmo Räntilä & Kaija Katajisto (FIN)

February 23.-March 8, 2 weeks



Wonderlust: Reetta Sironen & Johanna Ketola (FIN)

 March 9.-23., 2 weeks



Anna Nyberg (SWE)

March 25 – April 7.,  2013, 2 weeks 



Merja Kokkonen (ISLAJA) (FIN/GER) & Christiaan Virant (CHINA)

April 8.-22., 2 weeks 



Viivi Nieminen & Anna Autio (FIN)

April 23.-30., 1 week 



Sanna Kivijärvi (FIN)

May 1.-26., 3.5 weeks



Marita Liulia (FIN)

May 27.5.-June 17., 3 weeks



Vesa-Pekka Rannikko & Päivi Takala (FIN)

June 17- 30., 2 weeks



(July – closed)



FALL 2013


Tomas Järvinen (FIN)

August 1-14., 2 weeks



Christine Lang (GER)

August 15.-September 5., 2013, 3 weeks



Ella Tahkolahti & Arttu Kurttila (FIN)

September 6.-October 5., 4 weeks



Minna Suoniemi (FIN)

October 7. – 13, 1 week



Group Liisa Jokinen, Suvi Saloniemi, Simo Vassinen (FIN)

14.10.-27.10., 2 weeks



Kristiina Uusitalo (FIN)

28.10.-10.11.2013, 2 weeks



Timo Kaukolampi (FIN/GER)

November 11.-30., 3 weeks



Anu Miettinen (FIN)

December 1.-19., 2013, 2,5 weeks



(Xmas & New Year – closed)



On reserve

1. Anu Luhtanen, Venla Martikainen, Mirkka Eskonen (FIN)

2. Anni Hanén (FIN)

3. Jonna Strandberg (FIN)

4. Micaela de Vivero (US)

5. Snack Sono (JAP)





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Res Artis Membership


Sfakiotes Residency Programme is part of Res Artis – Worldwide Network of Artist Residencies since May 2012. The Programme has joined the organization as a General Member. The yearly application times will be announced also at the Res Artis page starting in September, 2012.

Follow the page for more information on artist residencies in the Mediterranean area as well as throughout the globe.


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Application time for year 2013 (January – December) is 1.-30.9.2012.

Please follow the instructions given on the Application page of the residency programme`s homepage. On the site, you will find answers to questions in detail about the stay.

The programme encourages multi-disciplinary creation. Artists and researchers are chosen based on suitability, artistic/ scientific quality of work & time preferred. The residency programme has been very popular and unfortunately we cannot host as many guests as we would like to. If you are not chosen this year, please apply again.

Also follow the SR facebook page for more up-to-date information on cancellations and recent news (see front page). Good luck!

The Residency House in July 2012

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